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Right from the time you literally place your eyes on a book, leaf through the pages, devour the smell of your new book, by poking your nose deep into the middle of the book, it is wonderful. You buy, you relax, and can't wait till you can lay your hands on it and when you do, you have finally realized....... Don't judge a book by its cover.




skyscraper.jpg Prague has signed a memorandum with a development company for the construction of the Top Tower at Nové Butovice subway station, which is expected to become the tallest building in the Czech Republic and contains a mix of housing and office spaces - The Shipwreck should be around 135m tall.


img_20201020_165611.jpgThe way students learn their English, should we cry or shall we laugh, as they say. These two come from the Czech Republic and their names are...................well you guess it.
Why we do not need GPS? Satellite navigations systems keep the planet running in ways a lot of people barely realize. But what can we use instead of outlaws, who, for example, profit by buying a simple GPS online to commit various crimes?............ our brains ;)



unnamed.jpgNever ever think of food any other way. We not only, in fact, eat with our mouths; eyes not only the window to our souls but can help to swallow even the healthiest food not popular among children. Check this out: Bon Appetite
powerful-gamma-ray-burst-artists-impression-scaled.jpgHow to stay insanely Self-Motivated? Easy, always remember that you are the part of everything and you are the one to take care of things. Staying motivated is not something that happens naturally all the time. Rather, we need to be deliberate about our behaviors to be sure we are staying on the right path.
Here's a look at some of the new species.
  • A fish called Wakanda, located in east Africa, and discovered while scuba diving.
terminator-6-main.jpgThe future is here, albeit who knows.... Elon Musk is due to show off a working brain-to-machine interface as part of his aspirational plans to give people superhuman powers. Something that Elon call: "superhuman cognition." Will there be more iron men or terminators?....
Feeling under the weather? Some natural remedies may be more affordable than conventional medicines, and many people prefer using them because they stick with their personal beliefs. The most common are Echinacea, Ginger, Ginseng, Valerian, St. John's wort, and many more. Try some before you gobble down your ibuprofen.
ghost.jpgSpiritual people are gracious.  Science of Psy has demonstrated that expressing gratitude is associated with many positive emotions, and overall vitality. Spirituality encourages people to be positivistic, which may be expressed in many of  life practices.

robert-patrick.jpg7/13/2020 Happy Birthday, Patrick! He hits 80 today! And still looks about 40. I can’t say he’s changed at all since Star Trek; he has also done an X-Men films and many more. As he once stated: "It is possible to commit no mistake and still lose."


download.jpgGot in a pickle? Your life has seemed to go astray? Mourn not, take a writing pill each day and you'll find out what and who you are. For instance, Warren Buffet has described writing as a key way of refining his thoughts and so can you. "Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on." L. L'Armour



flag-of-finland.jpgFor many yearsFinland has been placed at the top of the list as the happiest place in the world, with some of the reasons: The state provides a lot of but you still got your freedom, people live, do not complain nor lie, and all people have equal opportunities from the day they are born.


object.jpgBalloon-similar UFO spotted in skies above northeastern Japan. The transport ministry's office at Sendai airport said there had been no requests for flying an aerial vehicle as per aviation law. So far no guesses what it really was.




sam_1261.jpg Did you know, according to studies that early risers would benefit in many ways? Not only you will hear the birds chirping sweetly in the morning, but you will also gain more energy, mostly won't skip breakfast and the overall experience will improve your concentration. Plus, it is simply astonishing how the world is quiet; what a miracle!


img_20200531_150723.jpgThe Czech Republic,1.6.2020, It is still pandemic here, but we can't miss our kids' regular activities. Despite wearing face masks, a lot of locals do attend and contribute to our community. Don't stay home and go out and protected. Photo was taken in Sporice's Children's day. M

img_20200528_084041.jpgBreakfast and coffee - a blend to kick start your day. Almost any kind of breakfast is healthy, as long its being served in limited quantities is tasty and provides basic nutrition. Add coffee and bliss of energy will shower from within. 


brain-teasers-that-will-stump-you-every-time-ft.jpgWhat is in the text?

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